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What is this place?

Pathological Truth is hard to define. Frankly, the site can't be pigeonholed or summed up by any one term or description. At times, it defies categorization. Other times, it falls into several differing categories at once.

Some have called it a Christian art site. Others have described it as an eclectic collection of thoughts, ideas, creations and projects. As it stands, Pathological Truth is still in the very early stages of development. I am hesitant to attempt to definite it or to declare any kind of concrete intent for its future. I prefer to let it be what it is and what it will be, developing naturally. For now, Pathological Truth is an outlet for me to express myself in a variety of ways.

The Pathological Truth journal allows me to express my view of the world and share my personal experiences through a filter of scripture and my faith. My journal is the most linear and straightforward portion of the site. It's a place for me to say what I mean and mean what I say, in plain English. Sometimes it is lighthearted and even somewhat humorous. Often it is quite serious and provides me an outlet to share my innermost thoughts, and even struggles. While I choose my words carefully, I don't censor myself. At times, the world at large may not like what I have to say. But to me, it's more essential that I share what I know to be true rather than worrying about winning any popularity contests.

The "Facsimile" section of the site is a place for more artistic expression. While it is often far more abstract and metaphor-oriented than my journal, I am conveying messages nonetheless. Through the arts humanity is able to create statements that are sometimes more resonant than our words. I attempt to do just that through music, video, and web-based creations. Sometimes the material within the Facsimile section is a bit more complex and not as easily digested as the journal. As it tends to be more art-oriented, it can require more thought and interpretation on the part of the listener/viewer/reader. Keep in mind, I am still learning as a web designer, still experimenting as a website host, and still growing as an artist. Please bear with me through my growing pains and times of change.

This site is an opportunity to showcase the fact that faith and artistic credibility are not mutually exclusive. My Christian beliefs don't prevent me from expressing myself in a thought-provoking manner, nor do they interfere with me having a sense of humor. At the same time, my need to reassure people of these facts is not so great that I am willing to compromise my beliefs. On the contrary, I know without a doubt that it can all coexist quite well. I've seen this countless times in the creations of others. In fact, many of the sites contained within the Links section of Pathological Truth are a perfect illustration of the harmonious relationship between faith and art.

My initial vision for this site was to have a place where I could express myself freely, and it is important to me to stay true to that idea. My thoughts and creations aren't for everyone by any means. But I believe that a some people who have preconceived ideas about both faith and expression might be surprised what they discover if they approach Pathological Truth (and life in general) with open hearts and open minds. One way or another, I will continue forward sharing what I know to be true.

While my faith is not negotiable, nearly all else about the site is wide open. Part of what excites me about Pathological Truth is how wide open it is right now and how it allows me to experiment with various mediums. There is no concrete format. There is no rule about how I have to do things. There is no charter, mission statement, or set of bylaws. There is only opportunity, based in truth. I look forward to see where it goes from here.