Let's play a game. I call this game:

Piano Cleaning or Post Modern Music???

It's pretty much as described by the title. Embedded in this page is something on the piano. Your job is to guess whether it is a piece of post modern music or just me cleaning the piano. At the bottom of the page there will be one of two pictures:

- piano cleaning


- post modern music

After you have finished listening to the selection and think you know whether this is the sound of a piano being cleaned or the sound of post modern music scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answer. Or you can cheat. I won't tell.

Keep scrolling.

A little more.

Almost there.

You've nearly made it!

Yes. This is the sound of a piano being cleaned. Those of you with sharp ears can hear the rag used to clean the instrument.
Thanks for playing. If you got the answer right I congratulate you on your keen sense of hearing and artistic aesthetic or something like that.